Board Leadership

The board reflects community leaders who are committed to bridging the equity gap that exists between economically disadvantaged residents who reside in the southeast sector of San Francisco through employment preparation and placement thus enhancing the economic development of the community.

President – Claude Everhart
Vice President – Mike Theriault
Treasurer – Toye Moses
Secretary – Carol Tatum

Board Members

Charles Turner
A. Neal Bailey
Shirley Jones
Sedrick Spencer
Manny F. Flores, Jr.
Mitesh Parikh

Yusef Freeman
Eric Potashner
Kinjal Shah

Cheryl Smith
Rhonda Andrew

Leadership Team:

Shamann Walton,Executive Director
DionJay Brookter, Deputy Director
Jenny Yoo, Controller
Timothy Waters, Program Director
TraceyTaper, Program Director
Diane Gray, Program Director
Gwen Brown, Program Director
Divali Magnus, Director of Housing & Anti-Displacement Policy
Lindsey Lopez-Weaver, SSIP/SFPUC Services Manager
Valentina Sedeno, 
Re-entry Services Program Manager

Current staff

Rosa Pascual
Accountant Clerk

Tianna Johnson
Program Assistant

Lindsey Lopez-Weaver
SFPUC/SSIP Coordinator

Valentina Sedeno
Re-Entry Coordinator
Dominique Cleope
CJP Coordinator

Mark Aquino
CJP Case Mamager

Linila Fleeton
CJP Case Manager

Netra Rhodes
CJP Case Manager

Yancy Cummings
TESS Program Coordinator

Arielle Gonyeau
TESS Case Manager

Michelle Brown
Program Assistant
Quincy Collins
Youth Employment Coordinator

Roynika Hannah
NAP Coordinator

Percy Burch
Program Assistant

LeNeac Weathersby
Program Coordinator

Eileen Young
MYEEP Coordinator

Dr. Mitchell Smith