Established in 1973, Young Community Developers, Inc. (YCD) is a 42 year old 501c (3) community based organization that provides a variety of training and support opportunities for residents of the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. Per year some eighteen hundred individuals (1,800) receive employment and training related services through YCD. The targeted population is among the hardest to serve. Over the years YCD has successfully operated both educational and employment based training opportunities for residents of the Southeast Sector.

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“Prior to participating in YCD’s EPA Job Readiness Training, I was just living life day by day. It was just death around me. I wanted a change for myself because I feel like I wasn’t progressing. This program was a step in the right direction. I received a lot of certifications that can’t be taken from me. The knowledge I received will be with me forever. I’m ready to get into the job force and put in some good work until I retire. I feel now I have the skills to maintain a job. ”
- Andre Hines


“Prior to attending the Job Readiness Training (JRT), I felt like I was working a dead end job for a little bit of nothing. I wanted to better myself and try to make a change in a positive way. I’ve learned how to communicate better, as well as conflict management. My outlook has changed because I know I have a brighter future. I’m a step closer to bettering myself career wise. I feel a sense of accomplishment. “
- Tommie Barnett




"My favorite memory at MYEEP workshop this semester was when me and my co-workers played Lava Rocks because I felt that we communicated as a group. Advice I would give to my fellow participants that it’s better to strive for the best now rather than waiting until the best isn’t an option!!!"
- Adriana Greene, 14